About Us

Our Story

Tim and Peg started our journey building our first log home for ourselves in 1977.  We then went on to start up a log home building company, Top-Notch Log homes, and over the next 4 decades went on to build 100’s of hand crafted, custom log homes throughout Minnesota.

In 1997, with t two young children, Lily and Eli, we purchased a classic resort, located on their favorite lake.  Our down payment was a log home for the previous owner.  Over the following years we went on to build and license 3 big log cabins to serve as vacation homes large enough for groups of family and friends to gather.  A place where people knew they could return year after year creating a tradition that would lay the foundation of lifelong memories for themselves and their kids. Now, after 20 years, many of those families who started out renting one big cabin have watched their families, through marriages and children and grandchildren, grow and expand into annual family reunions  requiring two or all three of our log lodges.

We have now built a log pavilion  which overlooks the lake to celebrate our daughter’s wedding. And in the summer of 2017 will offer two small log cabins perfect for singles to  small families and honeymooners. So we are now set up to host year round weddings and special events.  We hope you’ll check us out.

Lily and Peggy on the deck of cabin 7